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"The tapestry is now being formed
  but those who can see realize
  it was in the process many moons ago"

Our aim is to use the Xia sense of design and fabric to create a distinctive look for each space we touch. Every job then is a new frontier in visual exploration.

We work along with Architects and Interior Designers towards providing the most optimal and luxurious environment to our customers.


"Only when you open the curtains of your experience,
  a whole world spins forth
  creating new spaces where there were none"

Xia is a word with Chinese origins and means ‘Glow of the Sunrise’. True to its name, Xia Decor is all set to usher in a new era of luxury furnishings. We are continuously expanding on the generic ideas of visual impact to bring international quality in every facet of home and office decor on par with the best in the world.

We offer an array of Curtains, Blinds, Upholstery, Wallpapers, Designer Fabrics sourced from various parts of the world like France, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and the USA.

The diverse designer backgrounds of our Directors have led to the creation of an unique Xia Decor touch in all our products and services.

In the near future, we are looking to offer more exclusive lines based on new-age designs, creative trends and products shaped by futuristic technologies and innovations worldwide.


"Great work lies in the rigorous effort
  of knowing, mastering, doing.
  It is a matter of design, not chance "

Sumeet Kharat, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art, has an in-depth understanding of design and fabric thanks to his extensive experience in the textile industry for more than 9 years. His wide-spread exposure to the latest trends has given him an edge in defining the finer nuances that make the difference between good and great design sense. His experience has been honed further by his many trips abroad to understand, participate and involve himself with the fast-evolving global technicalities and learning that underlines his passion for providing the best to his customers.

Swapnil Gaikwad, a Photography Major Graduate from Sir JJ School of Arts, he has also learned Cinematography from The Los Angeles Film School. Being an Artist, Visualiser and Cinematographer has honed his skill in understanding the visual impact of space and design. With a keen eye for beauty, details and passion for creation, his definitive touch in contrasting colours and materials helps Xia offer a 70 mm feel to their product choices.

Our Partners

"Every pattern is the coming together
  of many little threads of existence
  that were made
  to complement each other"

We work on relationships. Our associations with the best have often helped us revise our own quality benchmarks. We work in tandem with Architects, Builders and Interior Decorators to partner their progress with their clients. Our success lies in creating these building blocks of the future.

To partner with us, write to us at : partner@xiadecor.com

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Xia Decor Pvt. Ltd.

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Vihang Garden, Pokhran Road No. 1,
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Write to us at: info@xiadecor.com


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Our Clients

"The first appreciation of a design
  is no small matter.
  It is the very reason of the creations existence"

Of all our collections, our proudest one is our collection of clients. It is an ever-increasing and evolving list of people, professionals and companies who have trusted their homes, offices and hearts to us.

Our Product Range

"Luxury is not incidental.
Opulence has to first rise in thought
before it can become available to life"